India Youth Jam
January 9, 2017
Swacch Bharat Fellowship
January 9, 2017

World Youth Alliance


The World Youth Alliance Internship Program provides opportunities for young people who are inspired by the ideas and work of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) to gain professional skills working on WYA’s projects and a substantive learning experience on WYA’s core ideas. Projects are designed to enhance each student’s specific academic background and interests. Interns receive mentorship and training from WYA staff members.

Ideal candidates possess a strong desire to protect and promote human dignity while making a positive impact on society. Candidates must be proactive, self-driven, resourceful, detail-oriented, and humble individuals with a willingness to learn.


The internships include

  1. Regional internships (Nairobi, Manila, Brussels etc)
  2. International internships and
  3. On-campus internships (North America only)




Application requirements:

  1. Completed regional application form
  2. Resumé or Curriculum Vitae
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. Only if you are a new member: Your signed copy of the WYA charter



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