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September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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At Shipsy, we aspire to be at the forefront of technology with next-generation products that change the way logistics is managed, and positively impact millions of people.

Over the past 6 years, Shipsy has gained a dominant share in the domestic logistics space with over 30% of the India courier/express industry flowing through our system. We have also gained a foothold in international markets with companies in Saudi Arabia, UAE, North Africa, and Southeast Asia using our platform. This platform processes over 1.5 million transactions a day across these customers.

Global trade still largely runs on a messy chain of emails and excel files. Trillions of dollars of trade essentially run on a platform called email. Shipsy is there to solve this problem. Shipsy’s SaaS-based platform helps businesses manage all aspects of international trade – working with vendors to procure rates for shipping, having a digital workflow management platform to complete all documentation related activities, integrations with global shipping lines to bring about an end to end visibility, and reducing invoicing errors through smart AI-based reconciliation.

Since 2019, our new product line around International Freight has also seen tremendous traction, with the majority of top exporters of India and over 5000 SMEs already using it actively. We are focused on solving customers’ problems around lack of visibility, the opacity of price procurement, communication with various stakeholders in the ecosystem along with the ease of payments and financing which could drive this industry at a faster pace. We are over a 180 member team now, with offices across Gurgaon (HO), Mumbai, Bangalore, and Dubai.

Our team is composed of excellent individuals from top institutes across the country like IITs, IIITs, NITs with experience in Big Data, Software Architecture, ML, AI, Robotics, Blockchain. In combination, we have previously worked at Samsung Korea, MIT Media Labs, CMU Robotics, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Samsung Research, GE Research, Qualcomm Research, etc. and have also been entrepreneurs. We have numerous research publications and patents. The core team has computer scientists, electrical engineers from IIT Delhi and Madras, and this core tech focus would contribute tremendously to your learning.

Shipsy has recently raised investment from Sequoia Capital’s Surge and Info Edge (~$8m, till date).

We also have some word class employee benefits such as the scholarship program and more that will further enhance your learning. We serve clients from across various industries and geographies, and pride in having a young, energetic, diverse team. An exciting, results-driven, growth-oriented role with an opportunity to guide our fastest-growing product to the next level.

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