Schlumberger Faculty for the Future Program
November 8, 2016
Schwarzman Scholars
November 8, 2016

School of Data Fellowships

Fellowships are nine-month placements with School of Data for data-literacy practitioners or enthusiasts.

Our fellowship programme aims to to recruit and train the next generation of data leaders and trainers to magnify the reach of our data literacy programme.

The fellows will provide training and ongoing support to journalists, civil society organisations, and individual changemakers to use data effectively within their community and country.

We are looking for applicants who already have connections to a network of data-literacy enthusiasts, or have some link with a particular organisation working in this field.

Our fellows are not employed full time. We ask the fellow to dedicate an average of ten working days per month. This will include taking part in online and offline workshops and trainings, organising events in and with local communities, being an active member of the School of Data community, and doing unexpected stuff spontaneously.

Monetary Support:

Fellowships will receive a modest monthly stipend of up to $1,000 USD a month


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