Fellowship in the Centre for Trophoblast Research at University of Cambridge

Fellowship in Human Resources Development for Health Research
November 9, 2016
Inspire Scholarship
November 9, 2016

Fellowship in the Centre for Trophoblast Research at University of Cambridge

The Centre for Trophoblast Research aims to promote the study of placental biology, with special reference to the trophoblast.

About the Fellowship

 The Centre for Trophoblast Research offers a fellowship programme wherein the candidates are expected to select from the list of projects advertised, and they are welcome to discuss projects or other ideas with Principal Investigators within the Centre. Graduate students will receive instruction and guidance principally from their supervisor in a supportive and stimulating environment, but will also attend formal training courses in generic skills provided by the Graduate School. The Centre also organises regular seminars and journal clubs that students are required to attend. Graduate students are expected to contribute fully to other activities of the Centre and their host department.


Applicants should hold, or expect to obtain, a first class honours degree in a relevant biological subject. They are accepting applications from candidates holding Masters Degrees. For overseas students the minimum undergraduate GPA for entrance into the University is 3.5 (on a 4.0 scale).

Monetary Support:

Fellows will meet the renowned figures in politics, business, art, law and media to discuss the challenges facing their societies and the obstacles to international cooperation.

Fellows are required to work together on Action Projects building enduring connections through hands-on activities, vigorous discussions, web-based interaction, and joint follow-up action projects.

Meetings with government officials and independent experts will prompt serious explorations of the world’s most pressing foreign policy issues. Seminars and small working groups will be held, along with informal discussions and entrepreneurship workshops, the participants will build leadership, negotiation, and mediation skills while delving deeply into complex policy matters and processes.

Social events with other young leaders’ organizations and alumni of past exchanges following the cultural visits and activities to provide participants with an intimate glimpse of life in the Middle East. With this, Fellows will develop an international cohort of young leaders, dedicated to pursuing cooperative, innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Duration: 3 years

Website: http://www.trophoblast.cam.ac.uk/info/studentships.shtml 37

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