Fellowship in Human Resources Development for Health Research

Fellowship in Global Journalism
November 9, 2016
Fellowship in the Centre for Trophoblast Research at University of Cambridge
November 9, 2016

Fellowship in Human Resources Development for Health Research

The Department of Health Research comes under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the Government of India. It’s primarily works towards promotion and co-ordination of basic, applied and clinical research including clinical trials and operational research in areas related to medical, health, biomedical and medical profession and education through development of infrastructure, manpower and skills in cutting edge areas and management of related information.

About the Fellowship:

The fellowship aims to execute the vision of the Department of Health Research (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare)to bring modern health technology to the people through innovations related to diagnostic, treatment methods and vaccines for prevention and to coordinate the research activities in the different areas of Health Research in the country. The country has attained considerable progress in biomedical research and patient care and management over the years but new emerging infections, resistance of the causative agents to existing common drugs coupled with emergence of non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, mental and neurological disorders, poses a new challenge to the medical and scientific fraternity.


 Applications are invited in the from Indian Nationals working as permanent Faculty in Indian Medical / Health Research institutions /Universities/ Other Research Institutions · The fellowship is also open for Scientists/ Health Researchers/Professionals in regular employment in the universities, medical colleges, postgraduate institutions, recognized research and development laboratories and Non-Government Organizations who fulfil the eligibility criteria and have a concept research proposal in the identified area to carryout research at present institute / organization. Fellowship Highlight The fellowship also provides funding of upto $10,000 for selected projects.


Long term Fellowship in Indian Institutes: 6-12 Months ·

Short term Fellowship in Indian Institutes: 1-3 Months ·

 Long term Fellowship in Foreign Institutes: 6-12 Months

 Website: http://www.davisprojectsforpeace.org/qa 36

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