British Airways Data Science Online Internship

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August 7, 2023
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August 7, 2023

British Airways Data Science Online Internship

Brief Description:

The online British Airways internship opportunity through Forage aims to advance your skills to fit you in the right career. The short span of the internship will provide you an advantage to work with the world’s top-notch professionals and learn to improve your profiles. The internship opportunities granted by Forage are always free of cost for everyone because its partner companies aim to ensure equity, diversity, and accessibility to all. With the aim of investing in the fleet, transforming the experiences, and expanding the global network, Forage is providing you with a dynamic, and fast-paced working setup that will harness your potential to succeed and bring out the best in you. You will get the chance to play with real data and actual business applications, to be used for machine algorithms.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. There is no age restriction to apply.
2. There is no gender discrimination to apply.
3. There is no national disparity to apply.
4. There is no racial discrimination to apply.
5. Diversity is encouraged.
6. Equality is preferred.
7. Everyone can apply for this internationally recognized internship program, which is free for all.
8. Easily accessible from any area, city, or country.


1. It will enrich your academic knowledge.
2. It will develop your practical skills as a Data scientist.
3. It will help expand your networking with international top-ranked organizations.
4. It will stand out in your resume.
5. You can earn a certificate, free of cost.
6. You can join the program at your own pace, at any time.
7. It will help you gain company insights.
a. Your practical skills will be developed while working on the following tasks: web scrapping, data manipulation, powerpoint, and Python.
8. It will help predict customer buying behaviors through building predictive models while working on the following tasks: machine learning, data science, data visualization, and PowerPoint.

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