Be! Fund (Entrepreneurship)

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August 6, 2016
Be.Boosted Fellowship
August 6, 2016

Be! Fund (Entrepreneurship)

Be! Fund is India’s first youth risk capital fund, we invest in young entrepreneurs from low-income communities in India, with sustainable business ideas that solve big problems where young people live.

 It has to be a young person’s idea. Waste, pollution, transport, energy, water, unemployment – we’ll consider any idea that solves a big problem where a young person age 18-25 lives.

Young people we invest in should be unable to get a bank loan for their idea and their idea has to be their idea + solve a BIG PROBLEM



One month enterprise outreach fellowships

Three month outreach to enterprise building fellowships

Six month enterprise incubation lab [travel][half day, three days/week + Saturdays]

Application Process

Be! Fund Fellowships are open now for applicants in Delhi, Chennai, Patna and Bangalore.

Monetary Support: Rs. 27,000/- per month.

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