Be! Fund (Entrepreneurship)
August 6, 2016
Bellagio Residency Program
August 6, 2016

Be.Boosted Fellowship

All be.boosted fellows undergo five months of intense training in leadership skills, effective communication, networking, negotiation, personal development and authentic leadership.


  • Learn the skills that make the world go round: effective communication, public speaking, persuasion, networking, Harvard-style negotiation and much more
  • Participate in weekly online training
  • Meet your team and practice live at offline training weekends across Germany.


  • Grow into your own shoes with the help of individual one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Get support in developing your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Shape your profile as a global leader

Fellows & Experts & Friends:

  • be.boosted is all about the people
  • Join our network of alumni, core team members and experts
  • Make tons of friends and contacts at LIMUN and Harvard WorldMUN (Rome)

Mentoring & Networking:

  • Get in touch with experts in the field and form your network of future global leaders in Germany and beyond
  • Network with our partners to boost your career development
  • Bounce your ideas off your peers
  • Get advice from our experienced team and inspiring experts from around the world

International Conferences:

  • Join our delegations to LIMUN (London) as well as to Harvard WorldMUN (Rome)
  • Put your leadership skills ot the ultimate test in these competitive settings
  • Meet thousands of students from all over the world
  • Debate current international affairs, tackle the most pressing questions of our time and represent your nation’s interests in the international community
  • Learn from the “Best German Delegation” at WorldMUN 2015


Funding for travels and expenses will be provided.

They require that you will be able to participate in the weekly online trainings, in the majority of our offline events, as well as in LIMUN 2016 and Harvard WorldMUN 2016. You also need to be enrolled at a university. Although you do not need to be a German citizen nor currently based in Germany, you should be available in Germany, as they will hold offline meetings in different German cities during the fellowship.



Monetary Support:


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