Youth Alliance Gramya Manthan Program

Young Reporters for the Environment
November 9, 2016
Yunus&Youth Fellowship
November 9, 2016

Youth Alliance Gramya Manthan Program

Gramya Manthan (Rural Immersion Program) is dedicated to developing social leaders; well-rounded youngsters who are equipped with leadership skills to solve the challenges faced by Indian villages.

Its core aim is to ignite young hearts with holistic concern for their society and nation.

The journey is an exercise in coming closer to our inner-self by moving far from our comfort zone and in delving deep into our conscience by being part of a different reality.

During the course of nine rigorous days, we understand with empathy the life of the village, often staying with local communities. This goes hand-in-hand with workshops, discussions and activities aimed at nourishing empathy and facilitating reflection. This is also done by offering ourselves to the service of the villages.


  • Indian and International applicants
  • Age between 18-30 years

Duration: 9 days

Monetary Support:

Nominal Fees shall be payable by the selected candidates. (They also provide full and part scholarships to the deserving candidates and suggest ways to raise funds for their fees)



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