Young Indian Professionals Program

Young Connectors of the Future Programme
November 9, 2016
Young Innovators Fellowship Programme
November 9, 2016

Young Indian Professionals Program

Young Indian Professionals Program is a life-changing two-week program, where you can build invaluable skills and experience whilst making a meaningful and long-lasting impact!


This program is for people who have worked in their industry, and are looking for a new sense of perspective and direction in their career. We seek professionals who have 2 years or more work experience or have undertaken a Masters degree.

YIPP is geared towards Indians who already live in one of our cities (Hyderabad, Kolkata), as accommodation is not provided. In order for Pollinate Energy to make the best use of local knowledge and resources, we require that YIPP applicants are fluent in English as well as the local language (Telugu in Hyderabad, Bengali in Kolkata).

Duration: 2 weeks


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