World Governance Expedition

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April 21, 2017
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May 5, 2017

World Governance Expedition


Ever wondered how do nations deal with public policy and governance?How do politicians engage with the civil society, how do entrepreneurs bring innovation in governance, how are debates structured around the elections, what role does the government play in the daily life of a citizen?

World Governance Expedition is the opportunity to find these answers.

Vision India Foundation takes up 30 delegates selected from around the world on a 10-day immersion program. The delegates will meet politicians, government executives, civil society representatives, social entrepreneurs, scholars, election staff and much more to understand the governance processes.

We would be visiting the United Kingdon from September 10th-20th, 2017. We would be traveling across London, Oxford, Cambridge, Leicester and Manchester, meeting various policy stakeholders, over 10 days.

Duration: 10th – 20th September 2017


Vision India Foundation is a modern nation-building movement. It was founded by faculty and alumni of various IITs in 2014.

We identify, mentor and prepare the brightest youth of the country and provide them avenues of nation-building. Our mission is to bring systemic reforms in India which align with the nation’s aspirations and ethos. For this, we groom bright and passionate young minds for future leadership of the nation.


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