Western Union Foundation Fellowship

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August 14, 2023
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August 16, 2023

Brief Description

The Western Union Foundation Fellowship is a venture and leadership accelerator program for entrepreneurs and community leaders from and working with highly marginalized, refugee, and forcibly displaced communities around the globe. This virtual and global program is designed to equip these next generation entrepreneurs and leaders with the skills and experience to increase access to economic opportunity, build valuable networks and resources, and transform their communities.


* Who You Are:

You are an entrepreneur or community leader from and working with highly marginalized, refugee, and forcibly displaced communities around the globe.

*What You Do:

You are leading an early-stage social impact venture or community initiative with a proven track record of impact, entrepreneurship, and leadership in their community. We define early-stage ventures as those that have a working prototype/ MVP product or service with active customers or beneficiaries and demonstrated impact and revenue. Ideally, you are exploring your product-market fit.

* Where You Create Impact:

Applicants from or are working in the following countries will be given priority: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Japan, Jordan, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Uganda, United Kingdom (includes Scotland, Whales and Northern Ireland), United States

* What You Are Looking For:

You are looking for expert-led entrepreneurial training, access to funding opportunities, and a vast network of mentorship to accelerate your leadership skills and venture impact.

* What You Will Accomplish:

With the support of the Watson Institute team, you will gain a roadmap of how to grow and scale your work and impact. In addition, you will create impact through the facilitation of an impact workshop and training (called a Basecamp)in your community and for your stakeholders. You will receive a stipend, playbook, and team support to make this happen.

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