John Bahcall Public Policy Fellowship
November 4, 2016
Joan Shorenstein Fellowship
November 4, 2016

Udyogini – Women Entrepreneur Loan Scheme


To encourage the women entrepreneurs to avail the loans on liberal terms and exclusive catering of credit under Direct agriculture activities, Tiny SSI sector, Business enterprises, Retail traders, Professional and Self employed etc.


Women enterprises consisting  of all units managed by one or more women entrepreneurs in proprietary concern or in which she/they individually or jointly have a share capital of not less than 51% as partners/ shareholders /directors of private limited company/members of co-operative society.

Financial Support:

Financial assistance depends upon the evaluation of the project.

upto 25,000/- no collaterals required.

above 25,000/- limit to 15-25% depending upon the purpose and quantum of loan

Application process:

Applications can be availed from the nearest Punjab and Sindh Bank after discussing with the branch manager.  


small scale entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship


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