Anandam Senapathi Scholarship 2023 From SRK Pratiksha Trust
October 30, 2023
October 31, 2023



The Climator League (TCL) is a next-gen climate lab that offers an opportunity for young children from classes 6th to 12th (Age group- 11 to 18) to work in teams on environment related projects. As part of the program, the children are also equipped with 21st century skills with an aim to create climate leaders of the future.


  • You must be studying in Class 6 or higher (till Class 12). (Don’t worry if you are not going to a school or you are older, you can still participateWrite to us)
  • You should have access to at least one device (smartphone, laptop or computer) and internet as most processes are online. (Again don’t worry if you don’t have a device or internet, you can always borrow from others.)

Selection Criteria

We are looking for Climators –

  • Who just love to spend time in nature;
  • Who desire to make their homes, societies, and mohalla a clean and better place;
  • Who enjoy working with friends on something new every day;
  • Who are eager to learn new things and implement them; and
  • Who are keen to share stories with others in their building or society.

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