August 5, 2016
August 5, 2016

Stanford Ignite Program (Bangalore)

This certificate program teaches innovators to formulate, develop, and commercialize their ideas.In this program, you will be exposed to both the fundamentals of business, and the practical aspects of identifying and evaluating business ideas and moving them forward.

This program uniquely combines current graduate students and entrepreneurs with innovators, scientists, and engineers from leading companies. It is intended for innovators who do not have graduate-level business degrees.

The program is taught by prominent Stanford GSB faculty and will expose you to:

Core business skills, such as marketing, operations, strategy, accounting, finance, and economics

Applied skills, such as negotiation, teamwork, public speaking, leadership, and pitching

Approaches to product design and prototyping

Working in a team to develop a plan for commercializing a new product or service for an existing organization or a new venture

Prominent executives and corporate, venture, and angel investors who participate as guest speakers, expert panelists, and business mentors providing candid feedback throughout the venture-building process


Graduate students currently pursuing a master’s, MD, PhD, post-doc program in a nonbusiness field.

Professionals with a bachelor’s degree and some professional experience (an advanced degree is preferred).

If you have an MBA, graduate degree in management, and/or extensive managerial training, you are not eligible to apply.

Time Commitment

Stanford Ignite provides approximately 100 classroom hours and 100 to 150 project hours. Admitted applicants must be able to attend all sessions.

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