Senior fellowship with Indian Council of Social Science and Research

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November 8, 2016
SERB-National Post Doctoral Fellowship
November 8, 2016

Senior fellowship with Indian Council of Social Science and Research

Senior Fellowships are awarded to established social science scholars for conducting research on specific themes and issues proposed by the applicants. These studies are expected to have the potential to contribute to theoretical and conceptual advancement in different disciplines, generate field-work based empirical work and new data, and are policy relevant. The studies could be both, macro or micro in nature.


Senior Fellowships are awarded to social scientists with outstanding research publications. Social workers, journalists and civil servants, known for their academic interests with a record of publications may also be considered. There is no age bar for this category of fellowship.

The selected fellows are expected to do full time research in India. They could however undertake field trip outside India, if the Expert Committee finds it to be necessary for their research.

Proposals from only those NGOs and private institutions shall be entertained and considered which have a declared mandate and established track record of engagement with Social Science Research, further subject to their fulfilling other eligibility criteria as lay down by the Council from time to time.

While accepting any fellowships from the Council, a fellow should not accept fellowship from any other organization

Defaulters of any previous grant of ICSSR under any scheme will not be eligible for 113

consideration until the applicant has obtained the clearance of the relevant administrative division of the ICSSR.

 There shall be a reservation of 3% for differently abled applicants who may be provided additional resources as per their special requirements.

 Separate allocation under this scheme shall be made for the SC/ST candidates as per allocations made in the ICSSR plan under SCP/TSP Grant.

Besides, a conscious effort shall be made to favourably consider while sanctioning grants to women, minorities and persons belonging to educationally backward districts as declared by Gov. of India.

Monetary Support

 The amount of Fellowship is Rs.40,000/- p.m. for those not currently employed and for superannuated scholars. Pension, if any, shall not be deducted from the fellowship. Salary protection may be availed in the case of scholars employed in the publically funded institution. A fellow is entitled to salary and allowances admissible at the parent institution. Also, the leave salary and pension contribution/ employer’s share of CPF contribution will be borne by the Council. The allowances and salary protected would not be more than the equivalent Central Govt./State Govt. and UGC scales / allowances. In addition, a contingency grant of Rs. 40,000/- p.a. is admissible during the entire period of fellowship to a fellow, irrespective of whether a Fellow is employed or not.

Duration: 2 Years


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