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November 8, 2016
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November 8, 2016

Resolution Fellowship

Resolution Fellowships recognize young leaders for their initiative and innovation in addressing social challenges through social entrepreneurship. Resolution provides Fellows with access to a full ecosystem for a new social entrepreneur.

This includes seed funding of up to $3,000 per team to launch the venture proposed for a Social Venture Challenge, along with ongoing mentorship, pro bono services, robust support and access to the Resolution network.

 You must be a current undergraduate student in college or university and a Founder of the Social Venture you are proposing.

Eligibility for a Resolution Fellowship:

You must be a current undergraduate student in college or university.

You must be a Founder of the social venture you are proposing.  The social venture must be created and led by the Founder(s).

You must present and represent the Venture in-person at the conference at both the Social Venture Forum and, if you move forward, the Finals.

You must not be a staff member or volunteer of the host conference/organization for the Social Venture Challenge in which you are competing.

You must have at least one teammate working on your social venture.  You and

your team must be trustworthy and committed to ethical standards.

Your proposed social venture benefits a community and is socially-responsible.

Your Venture is youth-created and youth-led.

Your proposed social venture is a new organization, program or business, or a major new initiative of an existing organization.  If this is part of an existing organization, you must to be able to distinguish the initiative from existing operations; expansion without clear differentiation is not eligible. 

Your proposed social venture cannot have already received funding from another institution or organization.

Your proposed social venture has the support of an Ally, who can be a professor, professional or other senior advisor.

Your proposed social venture must be ongoing and sustainable (not a one-time event), have clear, attainable, and measurable goals, and a well-defined and realistic budget.


Resolution will provide Fellowships to select socially-responsible young leaders.  Resolution Fellowships include a full ecosystem of support for aspiring young social entrepreneurs:

  • Seed funding– a grant to kick start the social venture
  • Strong advisory support– each Fellow team is assigned a pair of Guides, providing dynamic, hands-on mentorship ranging from social venture advice to personal and professional development
  • Access to resources– a diverse array of trainings, materials, and professional services are available to help Fellows navigate the challenges of social entrepreneurship
  • Community–access to Resolution’s network of advisors, socially-responsible supporters, and an action-oriented peer group

Resolution Fellows are working on all 6 inhabited continents in diverse, high-impact fields such as water, food, sustainable development, education, energy and the environment, health and wellness, equality and empowerment, and humanitarian aid.


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