Post-doctoral fellowships, Oriental Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

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November 6, 2016
Post-Doctoral Fellowship under the Knowledge Network Project
November 6, 2016

Post-doctoral fellowships, Oriental Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

The Oriental Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is a research institution founded in 1922, specialising in the field of Asian|Oriental studies. Oriental Institute is one of the oldest institutions dedicated to the study of Oriental cultures in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 1992, it falls administratively under the auspices of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, an umbrella research institution similar in function to its counterparts in continental Europe, such as the CNRS in France. The Institute collaborates with Czech universities providing teaching of relevant subjects, training junior researchers and taking part in post-graduate doctoral programmes.

About the Fellowship

The Oriental Institute is offering one- or two-year fellowships to outstanding scholars (with a preference on non-Czech residents) of history and cultures of the countries of Asia for the 2014-2015 (2014-2016) academic year. The preference this year will be given to the following areas: – Modern Turkey/Ottoman Empire of 19th and early 20th century (history, society, politics) – Modern societies of the Arab states of the Levant (history, politics, religion)– Contemporary Israel (society, politics, cultural and linguistic identity) – Contemporary China (history, society, politics) – Contemporary India (history, society, politics) – Contemporary Indonesia (history, society, politics) Possible topics might include: secularism, ideology, fundamentalism, (re)interpretation of national history/memory; legitimation of power; religious thought; textual criticism


 This position is open to recent PhDs (as a post-doctoral position).

Working knowledge of at least one Asian language and two European languages.

Monetary Support

The salary for the 10 month fellowship will be 12000 Euros.

Office space, computer, proofreading service, library services (including small amount for books purchase), and funding for conference or research trips abroad will be provided.

Duration: 10 months

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