Piramal Fellowship
November 6, 2016
November 6, 2016

PopTech Science Fellows

The PopTech Science Fellows program is a unique leadership development opportunity designed to help high potential working scientists become more effective communicators, collaborators and leaders both within and beyond the traditional bounds of academia.

The program provides Fellows with expert training and support by visionary leaders in areas which are rarely, if ever, explicitly taught to working scientists, including communications, presentation and information design, effective collaboration and leadership.

The Fellows

Each year, PopTech selects a small number of Fellows drawn from many different research fields, from economics and planetary science to renewable energy and biomedical research. What they have in common is talent, a passion for asking big questions, a commitment to innovating within their field, an innate interest in communications and leadership, and a strongly collaborative spirit.

Our broader goal is to develop a corps of visible and trusted scientific leaders who can provide leadership, explore new collaborative approaches and engage with the public on a variety of issues of critical importance to the nation and the planet.

Website: http://www.poptech.org/sciencefellows

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