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November 4, 2016
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November 4, 2016

Omidyar Fellows

The Omidyar Fellows program is a commitment that spans much more than the initial 15 months and much deeper than a simple leadership development program. At the end of the first 15 months and after commencement, there is an expected continuing engagement with one another as members of the cohort move into the Forum of Fellows.


About the Fellowship


The curriculum includes a full-day session once a month (with the exception of a two-month window during which individual learning excursions will take place). One-on-one coaching will occur between sessions, as scheduled by Fellows and their Coaches. Participants will be expected to complete reading, writing, and other study/exercises, as well. The total time commitment will be approximately 15 hours per month:

 Pre-reading or other materials review, writing, etc. (4-6 hrs.)

 Full-day session (8 hrs.)

 Evening session: Conversation with a Leader (2 hrs.)

 Coaching session (1 hr.)




Candidates with at least ten years of professional experience in the for-profit, nonprofit, or government sectors must be able to demonstrate how their achievements hold the promise of extraordinary leadership for Hawaii in the decades ahead. Individually, an Omidyar Fellow is someone who has:

 Demonstrated, as a leader, the courage, commitment, passion, and capability to get things done

 Solved complex problems within an organization or community

 Developed a working style that incorporates problem solving, original thinking, collaboration, and innovation

 Earned leadership responsibilities beyond his/her years of employment based on track record of accelerated achievement

 Demonstrated engagement in the community beyond professional responsibilities

 Arrived at an understanding of Hawaii’s cultural, social, and political contexts


Monetary Support


There is no cost for the Fellow or sponsoring organization. The program covers all costs for each participant; including airfare, ground transportation, and lodging for neighbour island Fellows.


Duration: 15 months

Website: 91


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