NYU Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellowship

Dena Shakti Scheme
November 4, 2016
Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship
November 4, 2016

NYU Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Fellowship

Since 2006, the NYU Reynolds Program has awarded over 60 Graduate Fellowships in Social Entrepreneurship to students from across 11 NYU schools. The fellowship program includes $25,000 for each of two years of study and an intensive two-year curricular and co-curricular program designed to help prepare fellows to be the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

Broadly speaking, the program attracts three types of changemakers:

  1. those that have or are planning to develop an innovative idea to address a specific social problem in a pattern breaking, sustainable and scalable way;
  2. those that will work in and/or build the infrastructure needed for social entrepreneurial work to take root, including individuals who will practice their profession in a social entrepreneurial organization (accountants, lawyers, etc.) and individuals who want to improve the operations and management systems of public, private and not for profit organizations; and
  3. those who will bring action oriented awareness on a national and/or global scale to particular social problems through journalism, the arts, photography, film making, television production and other media avenues.

Fellows can be at different points on these trajectories with some working to more fully develop an idea, while others may be ready to launch an idea, while still others may be ready to bring an already launched idea more fully to scale.

Regardless of the developmental stage of the idea or where a changemaker is on their social entrepreneurial trajectory,

Reynolds fellows are academically accomplished individuals from a wide variety of disciplines who have a demonstrable heritage of concern for issues of social importance, have distinguished themselves as a potential changemaker, and are committed to continuing to dedicate themselves to addressing issues of social importance in pattern breaking, sustainable and scalable ways.



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