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November 4, 2016
November 4, 2016


About the site: NIXTY is rapidly iterating its main products: ePortfolios, courses, and learning management systems. The software is feature-rich and quickly becoming more robust with common cartridge compliance and SIS integration as near-term goals. This platform essentially connects the learners to various resources available online. products the organisation is looking at are:



Continuing Education Suite

Learning Management System

Website does not offer its own curriculum, but is a networking site for teachers, students, and institutions. You can login with your Facebook account and use it as a resource hub for your online learning. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else you can discover without first signing up with an account.

Some of the courses: Numerous courses in various disciplines that NIFTY connects, through high technology software.

Most suitable for: Graduates and people who want to continue their education.

Fee: Depends on the course provider that you get connected to through NIFTY

Tags/ Categories: Online learning, learning management systems

Website Link: The website is now in its beta version.

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