New India Foundation Fellowship

Joan Shorenstein Fellowship
November 4, 2016
NICU Fellowship
November 4, 2016

New India Foundation Fellowship

Fellowship holders are expected to write original books. Their proposals should be oriented towards final publication, and outline a road map towards that destination.

The Foundation is ecumenical as regards genre, theme, and ideology: the only requirement is that the proposed works contribute to the fuller understanding of independent India.

Thus Fellowship holders may choose to write a memoir, or a work of reportage, or a thickly footnoted academic study. Their books could be oriented towards economics, or politics, or culture. They could be highly specific-an account of a single decade or a single region-or wide-ranging, such as a countrywide overview.



  • Indian nationals, including those currently living abroad

Duration:12- months

Monetary Support:Rs. 90,000 a month 


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