National sports scholarships( Sports/ Academics)

Nbhm scholarship ( Maths/ Academics)
November 10, 2016
Prof. K n raj memorial national fellowship scheme
November 10, 2016

National sports scholarships( Sports/ Academics)

National sports scholarships  announced on our indian national sports day 29th august  every year for sports development to all talented and proved achievers in sports in school – college – university levels, as these will help a lot of sports dreams all over india to achieve the heights they wish for.



National sports scholarships –is open for all eligible sports talents from the age of 8 years to the age of 21 years (physically disabled or special students like deaf, blind and paralympics can also apply). Criteria and benchmarks are only any individual or team sports and games achievements and participations in any govt. Valid and approved, rural – urban – district – zonal – state – national level sports competitions, championships and meets.

National sports scholarships –  after thorough strict possible verifications of all the submitted details of each and every application by the candidates.



Eligible candidates will receive a sum or value of minimum of rs.6000/- to a maximum of rs.9000/- for the development of sports along with their regular education and activities. These scholarships will help a lot of parents to promote their talented sports children as they meet a part of their sports expenses by this.



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