Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students
November 4, 2016
Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellows Program
November 4, 2016

Media Ideation Fellowship

The Media Ideation Fellowship is an investment in a new generation of social entrepreneurs. The Media Ideation Fellowship is an opportunity for young innovators to test assumptions, research target audiences, and build strong business plans. 

he Media Ideation Fellowship is a talent and technology accelerator for tomorrow’s social entrepreneurs. We’re searching for young entrepreneurs, change-makers and thought leaders who want to get off the treadmill and launch their next “big idea” that will transform progressive politics or remedy a social inequity.

If you have a passion for social justice, progressive politics, or transformative media and technology, this program is for you. Here are a few (but not all) types of projects fellows could pursue:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Media Products
  • Information Access
  • Tools for Wrangling Big Data
  • Algorithms
  • Software for Social Change Agents
  • Websites



Ideal candidates for the fellowship are driven, tech-savvy social change agents who thrive under self-direction. We are recruiting creative thinkers with a track record of advancing social change and/or using innovative solutions to help communities.


3-6 months

Monetary Support

Graduate Level Fellows will receive a $12,000 stipend and will be expected to complete a project in three months. 

Early Career Fellows will receive a $30,000 stipend and will be expected to complete a project in six months


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