LSE Asia Research Centre Fellowships in Social Science
November 4, 2016
MadhobiChatterji Memorial Fellowship
November 4, 2016

M121 Fellowship


The Movement 121 Fellowship is a 6-month virtual, collaborative program designed for emerging world-changers and aspiring social entrepreneurs (between the age of 18 and 35) who are eager to impact their world and are hungry to figure out how best to do it. As a Movement 121 

Fellow, you’ll discover and unleash your real strengths, get hands-on real-world experience of building a unique business that sustainably addresses poverty, learn crucial skills from seasoned leaders and social entrepreneurs, be the first to get access to selective CAUSEWEAR™ and CAUSEGEAR™ (free, cool stuff!), become an ambassador on behalf of the poor, and be part of a unique community of like-minded world-changers.

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