October 31, 2023
Khadi Mahotsav Street Play Contest (for UG/PG Students)
October 31, 2023

Khadi Mahotsav Slogan Contest

Brief Description:

Khadi is the fabric of freedom struggle and the father of the nation. Mahatma Gandhi developed the concept of Khadi as a means to provide employment to the unemployed rural population.

Our Hon’ble PM has given the mantra of “Khadi for the nation, Khadi for fashion” and Khadi is now seen as a fashion statement. It is now used in denim, jackets, shirts, dress material, stoles, home furnishings, and apparel accessories like handbags.

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission, in collaboration with MyGov is hosting a Slogan Competition, to sensitize the youth towards Khadi, ‘Vocal for Local’ and make them aware of the benefits of these to our economy, ecology & women’s empowerment and to catalyze the public at large & youth in particular to buy Khadi & local products and inculcate in them pride for local products.

The main objectives of the slogan writing competition are to:

1. Create awareness among the citizens about khadi and its promotion as a fabric.

2. Develop knowledge among citizens about the importance of vocal for local initiatives.

3. Promote an understanding of the relevance of the focus areas.

4. Encourage citizens to creatively express their ideas on Khadi and local products, in making India self-reliant.

Technical Parameters:

1. The slogan should be original.

2. It should be simple in language and can be in both English and Hindi.

3. The slogan should be grammatically correct and in short sentences with a word limit of 8 words.

4. The slogan should bring the thrust areas of Khadi and local products.

5. Only one slogan may be prepared per candidate.

Selection Process:

1. The Slogan entry must be submitted in a “SLOGAN-Your Name.docx/.doc/.Pdf” Format with your contact details.
2. Any deviation from the said specification shall be liable to disqualify.
3. All the entries shall be scrutinized and short-listed based on the best concept, correct format, and creative imagination used, by a selection committee.


The top 20 winners will be rewarded with a KVIC e-coupon of worth ₹2500/- each.

The rewards will be given in the form of a KVIC e-coupon which will be redeemable on the KVIC e-commerce platform subject to the condition that the winner has to purchase a Khadi and V.I. products worth a minimum of Rs.100/- from and further the winner has to declare a list of 5 to 10 items, which he/she would replace with local products, in the KVIC e-commerce-platform viz.,

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