Japanese Association of University Women Fellowship

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November 4, 2016
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November 4, 2016

Japanese Association of University Women Fellowship

According to its Constitution, the purposes of Japanese Association of University Women (JAUW) are

  1. To promote higher education for women.
  2. To improve the status of women and girls.
  3. To promote understanding and friendship among the university women of the world, irrespective of their race, nationality, religion or political opinions.
  4. To promote peace.

About the Fellowship

JAUW offers a programmewhich is to offer core funding to financially help the fellows come and stay in Japan when they have found that it is preferable or very important for them to stay in Japan to further pursue their on-going study/research. If selected, they must engage in the proposed study/research for which the grant is awarded;submit a written summary report of 500 to 700 words by the end of the funding period; make an oral presentation based on the above report toward the end ofthe funding period at a meeting to be held by JAUW.


  The candidate has to be a woman of any nationality but other than Japanese, living outside Japan at the time of application;

The candidate has received a Master’s degree or its equivalent, and presently work outside academia, or candidate is a student/researcher higher than MA /its equivalent level (typically of pre-doctoral or dissertation level). Postdoctoral researchers may apply but they may be placed lower in priority;

 Candidates have to find a host university or institution in Japan by their self, and have to submit, at the time of application, a letter of Acceptance from that host or from candidate’s prospective supervisor thereof. JAUW will not extend any help regarding to this matter;

 Candidates have to explain in their proposal why they have to come to stay in Japan to pursue your on-going study or research;

 Candidates have to state clearly in their proposals how and in what aspect they will contribute to their home country through their study/research in Japan.

Fellowship Highlight

The amount of grant will range from ¥700,000 to ¥1,000,000 per grantee. The Duration: of the fellow’s stay in Japan and various other factors will be taken into consideration in deciding the total amount of grant.

Duration: 5 – 6 months

 Website:http://www.jauw.org/english/e_2015internationalfellowship.html 71

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