J C Bose National Fellowships

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August 8, 2016
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August 8, 2016

J C Bose National Fellowships

The scholarship is aimed to identify and promote active scientists and engineers who have exemplary performance records and the desire to continue with research in india. All areas of science and engineering are covered under this program. Nominations are invited each year by the government to identify the best minds in the country.

Eligibility criteria

The student should be an indian national, residing in the country

Age limit: 68 years at the time of completion of fellowship

Degree: higher degree or equivalent, which is either a master’s degree/ ph.d/ md in the fields of science/ engineering or medicine, with substantial work experience in the field of their study

Research publication and proven record of such recognitions is a must

Regular students (candidates) can only apply. Candidates must be currently enrolled in a research program at a recognized university/institute/organization on a full-time basis

Duration: The initial duration of the fellowship will be for five years. Further extension will depend on the research requirements.


The fellowship will be at a value of rs. 25,000 each month, apart from the regular research income.

Additional grant of rs. 10 lakh each year for research will be provided to attend conferences and handle other research-related expenses.


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