August 5, 2016
August 5, 2016


iPreneur  is an event celebrating the powerful global phenomenon of Social Entrepreneurship with an aim to leverage the entrepreneurial skills of changemakers. We have a firm belief that Social Entrepreneurs, with their strong social commitment blended with innovation and rigorous professional discipline can lead the way for resolution of some of the most perplexing problems of our society.

.Social Venture Challenge is the largest platform in South Asia that aims to identify and foster innovative solutions to pressing social issues across the South Asian landscape, that have the potential to generate scalable and sustainable social impact. In particular, SVC seeks to encourage entrepreneurial graduate students who are willing to operate in collaboration with other stakeholders, to establish a solid network within the society in the Social Entrepreneurship space, and create an enabling ecosystem for social entrepreneurs to tackle problems challenging societies today. This effectively, will provide participants with not only a real-world experience to fine tune their business strategies with mentors, but also opportunities to collaborate and network with like-minded individuals and organizations and garner incubation support and seed funds from the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, for their Social Enterprises to take off and create a sustainable positive social impact.

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