International Innovation Corps Fellowship

International Institute for Population Sciences Post-Doctoral Fellowships
November 4, 2016
Utah State University OpenCourseWare
November 4, 2016

International Innovation Corps Fellowship

The International Innovation Corps (IIC) connects top-performing US and Indian college graduates with Indian public sector enterprises for one-year assignments that tackle discrete and tractable but important social challenges.

Each fellow will be matched to one project based on individual project preferences and the skills necessary for each project. Fellows will work on projects in teams of 5.

Each IIC team will receive 5 weeks of training before beginning project work:

  • 3 weeks at the University of Chicago
  • 2 weeks at the University of Chicago Delhi Center

Training will focus on creative design, social entrepreneurship, leadership and management skills, and Indian history and culture. It will also include practical training specific to each project’s area of work.During the13-month fellowship, each team will receive project support from a network of project-specific mentors as well as from leaders within their partner institution.


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