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September 19, 2018
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September 21, 2018

Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE) is being implemented by the Department of Science &
Technology (DST) to strengthen the National Science and Technology base. INSPIRE Fellowship Scheme to INSPIRE
The programme is focused on attraction of student to pursue a doctoral degree in basic and applied sciences including engineering, medicine, agriculture, veterinary, pharmacy etc. after either masters’ degree in Science/ Applied Science/Engineering or bachelor/ masters’ degree in Medicine.

Call For Applications
Applications are invited from INSPIRE Scholars after completion of their post-graduation degree in Science areas
University level First Rank holders in the Post-graduate Degrees in Basic/Applied Sciences/Engineering or Graduate/Post-graduate Degree in Medicine only at any recognized Indian University or Institute/Statutory Body in India for the award of INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP. Now the Fellowship shall be offered only on the basis of availability of fellowships in the current year.

INSPIRE Scholar having secured minimum 70% marks (or CGPA equivalent) in aggregate at M.Sc. or Integrated M.S. / M.Sc.

  • 1st Rank Holder at University level examination in each Post-Graduate (PG) level examinations in Basic/ Applied Sciences including Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Sciences from any recognized University and academic Institutions (Excluding Autonomous Colleges) in India.
  • 1st Rank Holders at the Graduate/Post-graduate Level Examination in Medicine only conducted by a University/ Institution in India are also eligible to apply. 1st Rank should be of obtained in the minimum batch size of 10 students in that university level examination with minimum aggregate of 70% marks (or CGPA equivalent) of the entire course/ program.

However, students who are 1st Rank Holder in College including Autonomous College Examination or obtained the degree (s) through Distance Education Mode and or 1st Rank Holder in any specialization given at M.Sc. 2nd/ last Year, are not eligible. These students shall only be eligible for admission to pursue full- time research, leading to PhD in any Indian University/ National Institute/ National Laboratories in India.

  • Candidates who are only Indian Citizen and have acquired their eligibility for INSPIRE Fellowship during the Last year (2017) or Current year (2018) are eligible. However, students who are already enjoying Senior Research.
    Fellowship (SRF) or higher position in any project or otherwise need not to apply for this. Merely having the eligibility does not guarantee the offer of INSPIRE Fellowship.
  • Already provisionally or finally selected students to INSPIRE Fellowship in any previous advertisement, need not apply again, their application will be rejected.

The amount, Number and Duration of Fellowship
It offers financial support in the form of a Fellowship as per GoI norms fellowship (Junior Research Fellowship / Senior Research Fellowship) and research grant to the candidate. There is a provision of 1000 INSPIRE Fellowships to be offered/given every year to eligible students and each Fellowship is tenable for a maximum period of five years or completion of their PhD degree, whichever is earlier. This Fellowship shall not be available to pursue M.Sc. or M. Phil. or M. Tech. course while pursuing Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D./ M. Phil.-Ph.D./ M. Tech.-Ph.D. courses. However, the continuation of the Fellowship for once selected candidates is based on satisfactory performance certified by the institution as per stipulated GOI guidelines for such Fellowship.

Selection Procedure
Selection among the eligible applicants is done in two stages i.e. Level I and Level II.

  • Applicants who have already admitted into PhD. Program in S&T prior to submitting the application and selected at both Level I & Level II will be awarded Final Offer of the INSPIRE Fellowship.
  • Applicants who have not admitted into PhD. Program in S&T prior to submitting an application and selected only in Level I will be awarded the Provisional Offer of INSPIRE Fellowship.

The Provisional Offer is made on the basis of scrutiny of application along with required documents (Level I) submitted by the applicant. However, the Final Offer is made on the basis of evaluation of the application in Level II on

  • Academic merit
  • Host Institution including Research Supervisor and the detailed Research Proposal by the Expert Panel.

In this Evaluation Process applicants needs to secure a minimum qualifying score/cutoff as recommended by the Expert Panel and approved by the competent authority. For example, minimum cut-off marks were 60 out of 100 to finally offer INSPIRE Fellowship in previous cases. The cut-off marks may vary on the competitive framework of the selection process. Also, it is important to note that Provisional offer does not guarantee the award of INSPIRE Fellowship.

How to Apply

  • Students need to apply through Online mode only. To apply Online, please visit the website: and follow the process as prescribed therein. The Online application submissions will be commenced from 10th September 2018 and will be available up to 10th October 2018. No Print out of Application copy needs to be sent to us.
  • The process is completely online; there will be no scope for making any intimation for an incomplete or wrongly filled application. Incomplete or wrongly filled up application or application with lack of essential documents will summarily be rejected. Any legal proceedings in respect to any matter of claim or dispute arising out of this advertisement and/or application can be lodged only in Delhi Courts/ Tribunals/ Forums and Delhi Courts / Tribunal/ Forums only shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction to try any case/dispute.
  • This advertisement and its guidelines are also available at the website:


Note: Before filling the application form, please scan and save the following documents as separate files. The same needs to be uploaded as required during the ‘On-line Application’ process.

For detailed information, click on this link-

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