Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)

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November 7, 2023
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Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)

Brief Description:

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) make an important contribution to the quality of undergraduate education at Western University. GTAs inspire, encourage, and guide students who embark on a learning journey in hundreds of programs in our 11 Faculties across campus.

A GTA may:

  • proctor exams
  • conduct field trips
  • work with students in lectures and tutorials
  • prepare materials or set-up required displays or apparatus for classes, tutorials and laboratories
  • grade essays, assignments, laboratory reports, tutorials and term tests
  • answer students’ questions through meetings or office hours

A GTA acts as a resource and a mentor to students as they grapple with theories in all disciplines. A GTA works directly with students as they try to decide how they will use their new knowledge after they graduate.

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