August 5, 2016
Hult Prize
August 5, 2016

GAP Event

GAP is a 4 day Intensive event 2016- will have a dozen powerful Mentors, similar to those listed above, who will engage & inspire. Each and every Changemaker will have one’s project or enterprise vetted in some detail by experienced peers and an expert. Additionally there will be a number of practical learning sessions on complex issues like scaling one’s idea, creating successful collaborations, making a pitch for funding, building a proposal or creating marketing plans.  Established NGO’s like Grameen, SELCO, Pratham, SEWA will show-case their journey to growth, and perhaps invite aspiring CM’s to partner and take their initiative to a new level.

At GAP, an intense Inner Journey workshop – across all 4 days – will lead one to find or further clarify one’s purpose. Then one will be able to align one’s enterprise / project to the Life Purpose that he/she is walking on.   At the same time, at a ground level, GAP will connect Changemakers to Catalysts who will assist in the areas of funding, resources and knowledge.

The GAP Coaching Program: 
GAP is also engaging dynamic, experienced coaches who will support Changemakers to understand and grow their leadership and ensure that their idea/initiative has the maximum impact for a period of 1 year. A senior professional coach (one for every 5 Changemakers) will work alongside to enable one to reach his/her goals.

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