IRRAD Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellowships
November 4, 2016
International Women’s Media Foundation International Reporting Fellowships for Women Journalists
November 4, 2016


About the site:

FlexiLearn is a national repository for postgraduate education and continuous professional development in Ireland, supported by a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) enabling remote and block-delivery of courses. Existing graduate research programmes have pooled resources to provide a national catalogue of modules to postgraduate students and industry. The goal is to improve ease of access to relevant structured training for graduates in academia and to provide industry training and up-skilling across a range of topics in flexible learning formats that best suit their schedules.

Some of the courses:

Bio Photonics and Imaging

Scientific Programming Concepts

Radio frequency IC design

The Internet of Things

Polymer materials.

Most suitable for:

Students trying to learn unconventional courses.  


most of the courses are for free, but please check for particular courses and fee from the website

Tags/ Categories:

online learning, technology, science, post-graduate learning


  • Anytime and anywhere access to complete lecture videos via streaming or downloaded media.
  • Full course materials including syllabi, hand-outs, homework, and exams.
  • Secured online social networking with fellow students.
  • Support for PCs, Macs and mobile computing devices.

Website Link:

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