Fellowship For Innovative Project On “Water And Sanitation In Urban Settings”

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November 9, 2016
Indianoil scholarships scheme for graduate and post-graduate studies
November 9, 2016

Fellowship For Innovative Project On “Water And Sanitation In Urban Settings”

India, as other South Asian countries, is heading towards freshwater crisis mainly due to improper management and use of water resources and environmental degradation. Depletion and overexploitation of fresh water resources is threatening the very existence of life on earth. There is an urgent need to make society responsible partners in solving the problems related to water – with youth and teachers in young countries of South Asia being an extremely important constituency for this movement.

. Thus, in this context, the Coca-Cola Department of Regional Water Studies with the support of USAID is inviting applications for offering scholarships to final year graduate and post graduate students who are interested in showcasing their ingenuity in the field of managing water and sanitation.

Thematic Areas: 

  • Health and hygiene in informal settlements-establishment of sanitation-health risk nexus, development of Mobile Apps for WASH determinable, risk identification, development of water borne disease surveillance system, especially in known disease hubs
  • Compendium of toilet designs
  • Sludge management of decentralised toilets, social acceptability, attitude on public, shared and private toilets
  • Groundwater management interventions -focus on sub-surface hydrology
  • Restructuring urban water hydrology towards alternative management of rain water and reduction in water logging
  • Sanitation plan for smart cities, study of water contamination episodes in unplanned urban settlements – devising of response plans to deal with contamination.

Who can Submit?

  • The project proposal can be submitted for grant by final year graduate and postgraduate students from the following disciplines:
  • Engineering/Architecture/Urban Planning
  • Physics/Chemistry/ Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Mathematics/Zoology/Botany
  • Economics/Anthropology/Geography/Statistics

The chosen students shall be awarded fellowship from July, 2016 onwards.

The proposal should be submitted in electronic copy by the deadline to:
Ranjana Ray Chaudhuri
Coca-Cola Department of Regional Water Studies
TERI University
10 Institutional Area, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110070

Email: ranjana.chaudhuri@teriuniversity.ac.in

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