August 5, 2016
August 5, 2016


Eureka! is IIT Bombay’s B-Plan competition


The challenge will invite social entrepreneurs from across India, who either have an early stage venture or an idea with a proof of concept. There is no restriction on the business model and it can be for-profit, not for profit or even a hybrid model.

There are two tracks,

  • Eureka! Business: The trademark of Eureka!, the business track of Eureka! is aimed at helping ideas develop into businesses that have the potential to revolutionize the world.
  • Eureka! Social: Eureka! Social encourages ideas and B-Models which cater to people at the bottom of the pyramid and or for a greener tomorrow. Eureka! Social will run as a parallel track and all the entries will be judged, mentored and evaluated separately self-sustainable in the long run


Cash Prizes (Business)
Winner INR 5,00,000
Runner-up INR 3,00,000
Cash Prizes (Social)
Winner INR 2,00,000
Runner-up INR 1,00,000

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