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August 5, 2016
August 5, 2016


The Economic Times Power of Ideas encourages anyone and everyone with a business idea to realize his entrepreneurial dream.

Whether you are a year-old garage operation, or someone who has just begun working towards a prototype, or even if you have been nursing an idea but haven’t yet put it in words, this program is for you.

Business Summary Form Bring your idea to paper with our simple business summary form that guides you at each step. Visit www.etpowerofideas.com and get started.
Elevator Pitches Submission of Business Summaries , a rigorous evaluation will result in the first shortlist. All shortlisted candidates will be mentored for the next phase – Elevator Pitch.
Intensive mentoring session at IIM-A Those who clear the Elevator Pitches attend a 10-day intensive mentoring workshop at IIM Ahmedabad. Rub shoulders with the best in class as you sharpen your business plan.
Investor Meetings All finalists get a chance to present to the investment committee for seed funds and cash grants in a corpus of Rs 6.2 crore and 20 crore of ad funding from brand capital’s incubator capital.

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