American India Foundation (AIF) Banyan Impact Fellowship 2024-25

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January 9, 2024
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January 9, 2024

American India Foundation (AIF) Banyan Impact Fellowship 2024-25

Brief Description:

We believe that cross-cultural partnerships give rise to innovation. The American India Foundation’s (AIF’s) Banyan Impact Fellowship is an interdisciplinary experiential learning program that places young professionals from India and the U.S. in service with development organizations in India. Through collaboration and capacity-building, Fellows and local communities exchange knowledge and skills to steer projects that advance social and economic development. Fellows learn about grassroots development and inclusive leadership. Since 2001, AIF has selected, trained, and supported 539 Fellows and 238 partner organizations to scale impact, catalyze change, and build the next generation of socially-minded change makers. AIF provides Fellows with a living stipend, health insurance, professional development, mentorship, and programmatic benefits to enable their service. Selection of Fellows includes a written application and an interview, followed by matching with potential partner organizations for projects.


The Fellowship recruits consist of young professionals from India and the U.S., between 21 and 35 years of age, with remarkably diverse professional and personal backgrounds, who bring a passion for community based development. AIF selects, trains, and places these individuals directly with partnering implementation organizations across India. Fellows serve through contributing their efforts and skills to developing ongoing initiatives, as well as strategizing new projects for the host organizations. To review previous Fellow bios and placements, please check

AIF’s Selection Criteria for Fellows Include:

*  Applicants must be either U.S. Citizens, U.S. Permanent Residents, or Indian Citizens.

*  Applicants must be young professionals between the age of 21-35 by the program start of October 1, 2024.

*  Applicants must have completed at least a Bachelor’s or other undergraduate degree before the program starts on October 1, 2024.

*  Applicants must be willing and able to serve on the ground in India for the full duration of the program.

*  Applicants must be willing to receive a COVID-19 vaccine before the start of the program.

*  Applicants must bring both skills and experience, as well as an eagerness to learn with host communities on the ground.

*  Applicants must be willing to learn a local language if required for the project.

*  Applicants must be committed to enriching learning opportunities for the fellowship community and positively contribute to building U.S.-India bridges of understanding and partnership during their time of service and after.

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