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June 27, 2016
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Be! Fund


One month enterprise outreach fellowships

Three month outreach to enterprise building fellowships

Six month enterprise incubation lab [travel][half day, three days/week + Saturdays]

Application process

Be! Fund Fellowships are open now for applicants in Delhi, Chennai, Patna and Bangalore. If you would like to be considered please write to us today completing the blanks below:

Hi! My name is….. I live in…. I’m studying….I want to learn this….. about reaching out to young people, I’m excited by entrepreneurs and start-ups because….I think young people have potential but need…. I’m enthusiastic and can commit because…. I speak these languages…. I like being out there listening to young people because…. I want to be a Be! Fund Fellow and this is why: [your epic one minute pitch] If your epic pitch is cool, we’ll invite you to pitch it to us face-to-face

# don’t forget to include your phone number,,

Applications close September 30, 2015, and reopen again in January 2016 for the next year.We have 10 Fellowships for each city. The countdown begins now, with only 7 left in Delhi as we publish this.


Based out of our offices in South Delhi, Bangalore, T. Nagar & Patna.

What you’ll achieve

You’ll receive invaluable experience in rural and urban youth marketing for enterprise action and development, business plan research and writing experience, financial modeling, a chance to meet 100 young heroes who, with your help, get a chance to make it through the Be! Fund selection process. This is an action-internship-fellowship that will build your grassroots social enterprise, entrepreneurship experience. You’ll learn a lot about epic problems in urban spaces, be empowered to find solutions and you’ll inspire young people with innovative business ideas to solve those problems and get a chance to build businesses with them. It will look fabulous onyour CV as you leave college and enter the world of marketing, entrepreneurship, design, innovation and large-scale social impact enterprises led by young people.You’ll receive a certificate, work-experience confirmation & career advice based on how you succeed as a Be! Fund Fellow. We’ll reimburse you for local travel to our office + based on your commitment 1 month, 3 months, 6 months + how well you do on the challenge assignment, your commitment to be short term or long term, offer you anywhere between RS 5-10,000/month.

Who we are

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Be! Fund is India’s first youth risk capital fund, we invest in young entrepreneurs from low-income communities in India, with sustainable business ideas that solve big problems where young people live. It has to be a young person’s idea. Waste, pollution, transport, energy, water, unemployment – we’ll consider any idea that solves a big problem where a young person age 18-25 lives.

Young people we invest in should be unable to get a bank loan for their idea and their idea has to be their idea + solve a BIG PROBLEM. We’ve invested in 70 young entrepreneurs to date across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar and our new adventure is in Tamil Nadu.